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Meaning: Requiring Immediate Action 

Combining the art of leadership with the science of human factors.

We specialize in leadership, human factors and incident management in high risk environments.

When the stakes are high you need to have the requisite knowledge to navigate your team to a successful outcome.

We are active responders with extensive experience in incident management.

This means that we succesfully bridge the gap between theory and practical application. Just because it's in the book doesn't mean it translates into the field.

The Exigent Online Academy

One of the biggest barriers to receiving effective training in the areas of leadership & incident command is gathering the participants in one location for a specific amount of time.

It is expensive both in terms of time as well as travel costs.

In addition time is at a premium so Exigent has pioneered the leverage of online training to remove the barriers of travel costs and not enough time.

We offer ICS-200 in interactive online format.

We also have our flagship online program called Order to Chaos- Leadership for First Responders & Emergency Managers.

In-Class/ On-Site Program Offerings

Incident Command System

For Responders In All Sectors- Emergency Services, Wildfire, Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement & Industry Needing to Know the Incident Command System

We provide all levels of Incident Command System from ICS-100 to ICS-400 to ICS Canada standards & certification.

We also are experts in position-specific training including:

-  Incident Commander
-  Operations Section Chief
-  Strike Team/Task Force Leader
-  Division Supervisor
Planning Section Chief

Front Line Leadership

For Leaders, Officers & Supervisors of Front-Line Teams

These programs focus on helping response leaders build more cohesive, adaptive, and resilient teams.

Several programs, the L-380 & L-381 standard programs, are conducted with our U.S.-based partner, Mission Centered Solutions (

These programs teach principles for leading in high-risk and high-stress environments, building team cohesion, and resolving conflicts and problems within the team.

Using a mix of theory and classroom exercises, our programs are designed to reinforce mission-driven operational culture at the team level and to provide a framework from which to launch future organizational development.

- L-180 Human Factors in High Risk Environments
-  L-280- Follower to Leader- The Emerging Leader
-  L-280 Instructor Trainer
-  L-380- Point of the Spear- Fireline, Fire Service, Leading Emergency Responders
-  L-381 Incident Leadership

Incident Leadership & Management

For Incident Management Team members, Emergency Coordination/Operations Centres & Leaders of Leaders

These various programs help participants learn strategies for building operational synergy in temporary teams, such managing diverse resources, interfacing with community cooperators, and leading operational planning extending into a strategic time frame.

Participants come away with firsthand experience applying the human behavior required to put ICS into practice.

They gain confidence in their ability to hit the ground running as part of an incident management team. This program builds new trigger points and recognition skills that are directly transferable to future operations and incidents.

- L-381 Incident Leadership
-  Emergency Operations/Coordination Centre Fundamentals

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